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What is OneClinic?

OneClinic widget for pharmacies is virtual walk-in Clinic for your pharmacy. It is a telemdicine portal for your pharmacy customers. They access local doctors through telemedicine and choose your pharmacy to choose fill their prescription.

Put your OneClinic widget on your website, print it out or share it via text email or social media.

How it works

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Why should you choose OneClinic for your pharmacy?

Studies have shown that pharmacies that go the extra mile to offer greater customer care services have higher customer satisfaction rates. With OneClinic widget, you can make your pharmacy a one stop shop for your customers. It offers you the chance to compete with big chain pharmacies by offering your very own virtual clinic but without the added costs. OneClinic widgets encode your pharmacies contact information and present it to customers seamlessly. The widget can be embedded in your website, sent as an email or text, and even printed out for the patients.

Which doctors are available?

Each OneClinic widget can feature up to 3 healthcare providers. For example you can have family physicians, psychiatrists, or anti-aging specialists. It's like building an entire multi-specialty clinic inside your pharmacy. Choose from our network of providers or tell us about the providers you like and we will add them to your widget.

Will my pharmacy provide the telemedicine services directly?

No, the pharmacy will not provide telemdicine services. Services are provided by local providers and pharmacies will fill the prescriptions. OneClinic provides a telemedicine platform that allows the providers, patients and pharmacies to connect together.