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What is OneClinic?

OneClinic is a complete telemedicine platform with integrated scheduling, payment, and secure video conferencing.

Setup your complete virtual practice in less than 10 minutes with OneClinic.

All In One Solution For All Your Needs

Allow your patients to book appointments, make payments and do a telemedicine visit all through a simple virtual business card.

Virtual Business Card



Telemedicine Platform


More than just a call ..
Imagine what you could do with more.

Scheduling & Payment

Save time. Patients can select an available slot and pay directly using a GPay or Credit Card

GPay visa mastercard

One click

With direct links patients can do
a telemedicine visit with just one click.

Easy to

Works on any device anywhere without any


Share virtual business card via social media, text or email. Print it out as business cards or put it on websites.


Add assistant to the workflow
and manage shared queue.


With our end-to-end encryption of the video call no one can eavesdrop. Not even us!

How it works

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OneClinic makes it easy to start your telemedicine practice.

  1. Sign up for your personal telemedicine portal
  2. Share your virtual business card
  3. Start seeing patients using telemedicine

Why OneClinic?


Get more patients

Leverage your referral network by placing the virtual business cards
and get more patients.


Save time and money

With our integrated payment and scheduling save time and reduce the overhead cost.


Increase patient satisfaction

With our One Click telemedicine, send direct links to patients to do easy telemedicine
visit and increase patient satisfaction.




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How is OneClinic better than other telemedicine options?

OneClinic is a all-in-one solution for your telemedicine needs. Save time and money with integrated teleconsent, scheduling, payment, and video conferencing. You can add OneClinic to your website, share it via text, or even print it out. OneClinic also allows you to send direct links via integrated sms from your portal. Use it to grow your practice or to offer telemedicine to your existing patients.

How does the virtual business card work?

The virtual business card is linked to your personalized telemedicine portal, and can be used by patients to access your telemedicine services from anywhere on any device. It can be shared via text, email and social media, and can even be printed out as a business card. When the patients request a visit, you get a text and email notification and the patient will appear in your personalized telemedicine portal. The virtual business card allows you to leverage your referral network by placing them virtually on different websites, e.g. employers’ websites, pharmacies’ websites and testing facilities, which is similar to placing these cards physically at different organizations but without any cost.

How do I see patients with OneClinic?

Patients use your virtual business card to set up the appointment through integrated scheduling, and then do the telemedicine visit with our seamlessly integrated HIPPA compliant telemedicine. Detailed video user guide can be accessed through your personalized telemedicine portal that describes all the steps and FAQs about how to use your OneClinic telemedicine portal.