OneClinic is powered by AMK Technologies. It is based in Mount Vernon OH, USA. Our product lines include telemedicine cart with medical examination kits focused on providing access to healthcare in rural areas and OneClinic, a globally accessible SAAS Telemedicine platform. Our health solutions provide convenience by making the process of connecting with doctors, scheduling appointments, making payments and getting prescriptions simpler via personalized portals. Through our services, patients can benefit from an integrated network of qualified healthcare providers and innovative technology without having to wait for hours in waiting rooms. We have a diverse and international team of qualified doctors, computer scientists and engineers working hard every day to improve the quality of healthcare experience through innovation. Our team is unified by the belief that the best products are the ones we build for ourselves. We take pride in being a customer centric organization. Everything that we do, we do It with the aim of facilitating our customers and providing the best possible experience and service. We believe that everyone should have affordable access to doctors, regardless of the location. Lack of affordable healthcare options and access to doctors are concerns that make our mission more important. Our aim is to facilitate the patients at each step by connecting them with qualified healthcare providers virtually, saving a significant amount of time and money.