How is OneClinic better than other telemedicine options?

OneClinic offers an all in solution for all your telemedicine needs: Personalized telemedicine portal, integrated teleconsent, scheduling & payment, and a virtual business card. OneClinic also offers one click telemedicine, implying that the patients get direct links from providers for their telemedicine visits.

What type of providers can join?

We are looking for:

  • Family physicians
  • Anti-aging specialists
  • Dermatologists
  • Behavioral healthcare providers
  • Psychologists / Counsellors
  • Nurse practitioners

Note: Our providers do not deal with surgical procedures or treat ailments that require hands on examination

How do I see patients with OneClinic?

Our patients set up the appointment through integrated scheduling, and then use the link sent by you before the appointment time to join the video call. They will also update their medical record (e.g. allergies, meds, history) and include photos if relevant. You will then communicate with patients via the video call to review their medical issues and provide a treatment plan. Physicians can prescribe medications when appropriate, and they can be sent to the patient’s self-selected pharmacy.

How can I do a visit without being in the same room as the patient?

You review the patient's history that is the most important tool used in diagnosing. Most of the visits done through telemedicine are for chronic conditions e.g. hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol etc. that do not necessarily require physical presence. If you feel that the televisit is not enough, you should advise your patient to see a provider in person. This decision is to be taken by both you and your patient.

Does OneClinic provide malpractice insurance?

No, OneClinic is not a malpractice provider. You will use your own malpractice insurance.

How do I record a patient visit?

We know how much of a hassle it is to switch the EMR (Electronic Medical Record). Therefore, for ease of use, you use your own EMR to record the patient visit.

How much does it cost to be listed as a provider on OneClinic?

You get access to your personalized telemedicine portal, virtual business card, integrated payment and scheduling in just $49/month.

How do I register myself as a provider?

Use OneClinic to register yourself as a provider/assistant.

Is OneClinic secure?

OneClinic is both HIPAA and HITECH compliant. We have a peer to peer encryption of the video call so that no one can eavesdrop and the user information remains safe.

What browser do I need to see my patients?

OneClinic is a progressive web application, meaning that you can access the service via the web without having to download an app. The browsers that can be used to access it are: Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

How do I add or update my payment method?

You can send us an email to add or update your preferred method of payment.

How do I reset my username or password?

You can send us an email to reset your username, and click on ‘Forgot Password’ in the login page to reset your password.

How do I update my phone number or email address?

To update your contact information, log into the OneClinic portal and expand the menu bar at the top left. Click on ‘Profile’ and from there you can update your name, phone number, email address and notification preferences.

How do waiting rooms work?

After getting the televisit invite, patients join a queue and are shown their number in the queue and estimated wait time. As soon as the provider gets free, he/she can accept a patient to join the televisit meeting and the remaining patients move up the queue.

How do I share the appointment link with the patient?

Log into the OneClinic portal and expand the menu bar present at the top left. Click on ‘Share’ and then you can send the invite to patients by embedding the OneClinic widget on a website, copying the invite link to clipboard and manually sending it, sharing a QR code or sharing the link via text or email.

Can I monitor patient queues?

Yes, you can see the names and details of the patients waiting in the queue. You can also see the number of patients in the queue and the wait time.

How to send a direct link to a patient?

Log into the OneClinic portal and expand the menu bar at the top left. Click on ‘Direct Link’ and generate a direct link for your patients.

How do I start a call with the patient?

Once the link has been sent to the patient, the patient accepts the terms and conditions after which you ‘Take the Patient’ and the patient ‘Joins the Room’. Next, you click on ‘Call’ to start the call.

How do I contact support?

You can contact the technical support team by clicking on the red icon found at the bottom right of your screen. A chat window will open and you can write your query there.

How do I change video and audio settings during the call?

You can mute or unmute your mic during the call by clicking on the microphone icon. You can also turn off the video during the call by clicking on the video icon.

Can I view the history of my previous sessions on OneClinic?

Yes, log into the OneClinic portal and expand the menu bar at the top left. Click on ‘Encounters’ to view the encounter history.

Can I meet with patients in a different state or country?

Yes, since telemedicine offers virtual care, you can meet with patients from all over the world virtually via OneClinic.

How do I share the prescription with the patient?

You can either send the prescription directly to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice or email it to the patient.

What if I have more questions?

Go to https://www.amktechnologies.net/contact-us to submit a question to our team and we will get back to you within a few business days or sooner. You can also email us at info@amktechnologies.net or call us at +1 740 263 6090.

How do you ensure quality?

You will take the decision on your own regarding whether the visit can be conducted through telemedicine or not. You also take informed consent of the patients, implying that they are informed beforehand that sometimes they might need to see a provider in person even after the televisit.

How much can I earn?

Your earning will depend on factors such as number of hours scheduled, number of consultations performed etc.

What are the next steps if I want to sign up?

The process is very simple, you simply have to click on the ‘Sign Up’ option and follow the procedure.

Will I work for OneClinic or will I work independently?

You will work independently and your patients will consult with you directly. You won’t work for OneClinic; OneClinic only provides a platform to you to grow your practice.

Is there a video tutorial for using the platform?

Yes, we do have video tutorials inside which you can access from your portal to help you use the portal. We also have a live technical support chat feature to answer your queries.